Age, Weak Policies, and Cognitive Decline: Why Biden’s Campaign is Doomed

In a wave of fierce criticism, Republican presidential contenders attacked Joe Biden on Tuesday, citing his age, administration, and video announcement as a lacking effort. Biden announced his candidacy, highlighting his support of “freedom,” and reminded Americans about the Jan. 6 insurrection, and their need for protection against “MAGA extremists.”

Communications director for former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Nachama Soloveichik, spoke about Biden’s supposed “weak policies” that have made America “less free, less safe, and less affordable.” Haley offers a “new generation of leadership” that prioritizes empowering parents, limiting government control, strengthening national borders, and standing up to the enemy. She is undoubtedly the superior candidate and will outwork Joe Biden every single day.

Former President Donald Trump was quick to condemn the Biden administration’s inflation, their response in Afghanistan, and record-breaking illegal immigrant encounters. Trump believes Biden has done more harm to the country than any other president in American history, and by comparison, Biden’s presidency pales in comparison to his administration’s greatness. The existing contrast between the two administrations is unparalleled. Ours was undoubtedly great, and theirs was an abysmal failure.

According to biotechnology entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, rather than elder abuse, he refers to Biden’s re-election campaign as the administrative state using him to advance their agenda. The fact that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining has become a feature and not a bug, and they use Biden as a hollowed-out puppet to control him entirely. In essence, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) spits in the face of their grassroots base because they refuse to host primary debates this year.

In conclusion, Joe Biden’s re-election bid never had a chance because it lacked authenticity and conviction. The existing trend of the administration’s weak policies and the President’s cognitive decline has become increasingly evident in his press statements, and unfortunately, it’s only a symbol of what lies ahead. Only the Republican candidate’s base will provide competent leadership, limit the government’s control, and display the bravery needed to fight against a growing enemy.

Written by Staff Reports

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