AOC-Backed Jones Mocks Jews, Slams McCarthy Meeting as “Waste of Time”

In a shocking and disrespectful move, former U.S. Rep. Mondaire Jones, who has been endorsed by the far-left firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took a swipe at now-ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Jones, who is currently running for a congressional seat in the New York swing district (NY-17), felt the need to insult McCarthy’s recent meeting with Orthodox Jewish leaders in the Hudson Valley. Jones called it “a waste of everyone’s time,” showing a complete disregard for the importance of religious leaders in our communities.

It is absolutely outrageous that someone who wants to represent the Jewish community would stoop so low as to mock their religious observances. Jones claims to be seeking the support of Jewish constituents in his bid for the House seat, but his insulting comment has only served to undermine those efforts. It is clear that Jones is more interested in scoring political points with his far-left base than in actually serving the needs of his constituents.

The backlash to Jones’s comment was swift and severe. Many rightfully criticized the former congressman for his blatant antisemitism. Joel M. Petlin, superintendent of the special-education Kiryas Joel Village Union Free School District, called out Jones for his disrespectful remark and congratulated him on finding the most antisemitic way to celebrate McCarthy’s defeat. U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat congressman representing a neighboring district, also condemned Jones’s comment, calling it deeply concerning.

While Jones attempted to do damage control by clarifying his statement, claiming he was criticizing McCarthy’s failure to deliver for the community, the damage had already been done. His initial comment made it clear that he has little respect or understanding for the significance of religious leaders and that he is more interested in playing partisan politics than in actually representing the diverse needs of his constituents.

It is deeply troubling that this type of rhetoric is becoming increasingly common among members of the far-left. They claim to champion inclusivity and diversity, but their actions often reveal a disregard for the beliefs and values of religious communities. In a time when antisemitism is on the rise, it is essential that we have leaders who will stand up for the Jewish community and condemn any form of discrimination or prejudice.

This incident is yet another example of why Mondaire Jones is not fit to serve in Congress. His association with the far-left Squad and his endorsement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only further demonstrate his extreme political views. We need representatives who will work for the best interests of all Americans, not just those who align with their radical agenda. It is time for the voters of NY-17 to reject Jones’s divisive politics and choose a candidate who will truly serve their needs.

Written by Staff Reports

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