Biden Admin’s U-Turn: Solves Border Crisis with Wall, Imitates Trump Playbook!

The Biden administration’s decision-making skills have been pretty questionable so far, but they surprised us all by actually coming up with a good idea. Can you believe it? They want to build a wall to fix the border crisis! Who woulda thought? Maybe someone named Trump? But let’s not get into that.

Anyway, here’s the plan: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced that they are waiving 26 federal laws to allow the construction of a border wall in South Texas. It’s about time! This area has been experiencing a crazy amount of illegal entry, with 245,000 entries this year alone. So yes, there is definitely a need for a physical barrier.

What’s really ironic though, is that Biden is going against his own preaching about climate change and environmental issues. He’s waiving laws like the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act to build this wall. So much for being a champion for the environment, huh? But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, and this border crisis is definitely desperate.

But let’s not forget who’s to blame for this mess in the first place. Biden and his administration have basically welcomed this surge of illegal immigrants with open arms. They even put a halt to border wall construction earlier this year, just to make a point. Well, it looks like they finally realized their mistake.

Of course, Trump couldn’t resist commenting on this. He reminded everyone that he was right all along about the need for a wall. He had already built close to 500 miles of it, and it would have been completed by now if it weren’t for Biden. So yes, Biden turned our country into a sanctuary for dangerous criminals.

Senator Ted Cruz summed it up perfectly with just two words: “About time!”

Overall, it’s good to see the Biden administration finally taking some action to address the border crisis. Building a wall might not be the most glamorous solution, but it’s a step in the right direction. Let’s just hope they follow through and actually get it done.

Written by Staff Reports

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