Biden Doubles Down in Dramatic X Post, Faces Heavy Backlash and Doubts

President Joe Biden turned to dramatic declarations in a social media post recently, asserting his intent to stay in the presidential race. The message, somewhat reminiscent of a fictional mafia boss’s style, was posted to Biden’s X account on a Friday. Biden declared himself the sitting President of the United States and the nominee of the Democratic party, stressing he’s staying in the race. This strong declaration starkly contrasts Biden’s typically dazed performance seen during the June 27 presidential debate.

As expected, Biden’s post became an instant magnet for criticism from the usual suspects. The watchdog account Libs of TikTok threw doubt on whether Biden wrote the post himself, suspecting an intern might be responsible for the spirited statement. Conservative cartoonist George Alexopoulos piled on, borrowing wisdom from “Game of Thrones” to underline the absurdity of Biden needing to assert his dominance. According to Alexopoulos’ post, anyone who needs to say “I am the king” is no true king, drawing parallels to Biden’s bold claims.

The most biting response came from an unexpected place: HBO’s “The Sopranos.” Using a quote from the series’ lead mobster, Tony Soprano, the account noted that needing to proclaim oneself the boss is a clear sign one isn’t in control. The HBO show’s tweet resonated deeply, garnering more likes and reposts than Biden’s original post. The irony of a fictional mob boss “ratio-ing” the sitting President was not lost on the public, marking a rather embarrassing moment for the Biden team.

Biden’s paddling attempt to project strength only served to fuel doubts about his capability to steer his re-election campaign and, by extension, the country. Even within his own party, questions about his fitness for another term are swirling like vultures over a carcass. Democrat politicians and donors alike are increasingly vocal in their calls for Biden to step aside and let another candidate take the reins.

Kamala Harris, the invisible yet always lurking VP, is now being eyed as a frontrunner to replace Biden if he’s shown the exit. With concerns about Biden’s age and mental agility dominating conversations, the Democratic party is at a crossroads. Whether they stick it out with their current captain or opt to switch horses midstream remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure—this administration’s circus isn’t leaving town anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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