Heritage Foundation Ensures Biden Remains on 2024 Ballot, GOP Prepares for Battle

Political observers are getting more than their fair share of entertainment with President Joe Biden bungling his way towards reelection, dragging the Democratic Party down with him. Turns out, the Republicans are in no hurry to save him, or the Democrats, from their self-inflicted catastrophe.

The Heritage Foundation, a beacon of conservative intellectual might, is reportedly working hard to ensure Biden’s face remains on those 2024 ballots. Stepping in to make sure the Democrats can’t just pull a fast one and swap out their floundering candidate, this think-tank is diving deep into state laws and ballot regulations.

Rumor has it, the Heritage Foundation began its in-depth legal analysis in battleground states a few months back. After special counsel Robert Hur flagged concerns about Biden’s declining health, the foundation uncovered that shaking off the commander-in-chief in swing states would be no easy task. If the Biden camp decides to pass on his reelection bid, they’ll have a complicated, state-by-state legal minefield to navigate.

Word from GOP insiders is that the Republicans would relish taking on Biden. They view this as a chance to expose every blunder, every misstep, and let voters see up close what happens after they elected Grandpa Joe. GOP strategists are likely sitting back with popcorn, watching the Democrats squirm in indecision as they trip over their plans.

Apparently, the Republicans are also pivotal in ensuring the next Democrat on the ballot doesn’t slip past the gate. Deadlines have come and gone in key states, and any last-minute substitute will face an uphill battle littered with Republican legal challenges. Whenever and however the Democrats try to switch gears, the GOP, with allies like the Heritage Foundation, will be ready to stymie their efforts.

Before Biden’s latest debate disaster, the Democratic masterminds were set on virtually crowning him as their nominee come August. But ever since the meltdown, the left is spinning its wheels. Looks like the Republicans are on standby, ready to capitalize on the Democrats’ chaos.

Written by Staff Reports

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