Arizona Trump Allies Plead Not Guilty in Election Integrity Case

In a glaring example of political theatrics gone wild, former Trump legal advisers Jenna Ellis, Boris Epshteyn, and 2022 Senate candidate Jim Lamon found themselves ensnared in the latest liberal witch-hunt in Arizona. The trio, along with 15 other noble defenders of election integrity, pleaded not guilty to a slew of charges—from forgery to conspiracy—as Democrats continue their never-ending saga of criminalizing conservative dissent.

Joining the list of the unjustly accused, these patriots are being targeted for their alleged efforts to challenge what they viewed as questionable election results in 2020. In the liberal fever dream, it’s a crime to scrutinize and challenge electoral processes—unless, of course, you’re a Democrat still litigating 2016.

Jenna Ellis, a prominent attorney and conservative media figure, took a pragmatic approach by reaching a deal with prosecutors, admitting to a reduced charge in Georgia. With this cooperation, the left is attempting to rewrite history and paint all efforts to secure electoral transparency as sinister plots.

A state grand jury, clearly fueled by partisan fervor, brought charges against notable Trump associates, including Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows. Their great offense? Meeting at the Arizona GOP headquarters and signing a certificate asserting themselves as Arizona’s electors, a political gesture intended to highlight discrepancies and call for further scrutiny. Apparently, raising legitimate concerns about a razor-thin 10,457 vote margin is now an indictable act in Liberal Land.

The video of the “electors” signing the certificate, recorded by the Arizona GOP and intended for Congress and the National Archives, did nothing more than underscore the fervent belief in election integrity among Trump’s supporters. Instead of addressing these concerns transparently, Democrats and their media lapdogs have chosen to vilify anyone who dares question their version of events.

These legal battles show a clear narrative: challenge liberal orthodoxy, and the system will come for you. The message is evident: sit down, shut up, and don’t dare question the new rules of the game.

Written by Staff Reports

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