Trump Criticizes Biden’s Amnesty for Draining Social Security Medicare for American Seniors

Former President Donald Trump has slammed President Joe Biden’s recent executive amnesties for illegal aliens, accusing him of essentially robbing Social Security and Medicaid benefits from American seniors. Biden’s move to grant a “mass amnesty” to over half a million illegal immigrants has raised concerns about the strain it could put on vital programs meant to support elderly Americans who have paid into these systems their entire working lives.

Biden’s executive amnesties include provisions that would allow around 500,000 illegal aliens to secure green cards if they have been in the U.S. for at least a decade and are married to American citizens. Additionally, roughly 50,000 migrant children with illegal alien parents married to American citizens would also be eligible for green cards, paving the way for eventual naturalized American citizenship for at least half a million illegal aliens.

The second part of Biden’s amnesty plan focuses on providing work visas to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, including DACA program participants who have graduated from American universities. Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Karoline Leavitt, criticized the move, highlighting the potential negative impacts on American taxpayers and seniors.

Leavitt warned that the mass amnesty order could lead to increased migrant crime, financial burdens on taxpayers, strain on public services, and most alarmingly, the diversion of Social Security and Medicare benefits from American seniors to fund benefits for illegal immigrants. The concern is that with more immigrants becoming beneficiaries of these programs without proportionate contributions, the strain on the system could be significant.

Research from the Center for Immigration Studies indicates that granting amnesty to illegal immigrants could have substantial financial implications, potentially resulting in a significant cost to Social Security and Medicare. The concern is that turning illegal aliens into beneficiaries of these programs without adequate contributions could create a net drain on the system, ultimately impacting the benefits available to American seniors who rely on these programs for their well-being.

Overall, Trump and his supporters argue that Biden’s amnesty plan poses serious risks to key social programs and the financial well-being of American seniors, raising questions about the wisdom and long-term consequences of such a move. The clash over immigration policy continues to be a divisive issue, with both sides presenting contrasting views on the impact of providing amnesty to illegal immigrants in the United States.

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