Axelrod Criticizes Biden for Self-Praise Amid Economic Struggles

On a recent CNN segment, former Obama adviser David Axelrod threw some shade at President Joe Biden, claiming that Biden is more concerned with patting himself on the back for his economic successes than actually helping struggling Americans. Axelrod suggested that Biden’s focus on democracy issues may be a luxury reserved for those who don’t have to worry about putting food on the table – ouch, that’s a burn hotter than a habanero pepper! 

It seems Axelrod thinks Biden should spend less time boasting about his economic performance and more time rolling up his sleeves to tackle the tough challenges facing everyday Americans. After all, inflation is gnawing at people’s pockets like a hungry squirrel raiding a bird feeder in the backyard. 


Axelrod’s remarks underscore a growing dissatisfaction with Biden’s priorities. While democracy is all fine and dandy, it won’t mean squat to folks who are struggling to make ends meet and facing soaring costs at the grocery store. If Biden truly wants to connect with the average Joe and Jane, he might want to start talking less about abstract concepts and more about putting food on the table – literally.

In conclusion, Axelrod’s critique serves as a wake-up call for President Biden. It’s time to shift the focus from self-congratulatory speeches to addressing the real concerns of hardworking Americans. So, Mr. President, less talk about democracy, more action on affordability – your constituents will thank you, and maybe even toss a pat on the back your way.

Written by Staff Reports

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