Biden Withholds Intel from Israel, Pressures Policy Change on Rafah Attack

Joe Biden is said to be keeping some intelligence from Israel to try and make them change their plans in the war. This means he is not sharing important information about Hamas. Joe Biden wants to stop Israel from attacking a city called Rafah, where a lot of Palestinian refugees live.

This news shows that Joe Biden might be trying to make a deal with Israel. He might be saying, “If you don’t do what I want, I won’t help you with military stuff.” This kind of deal is not good for Israel, according to many people. Joe Biden is worried that a lot of bad things might happen if Israel attacks Rafah.

Some people say Joe Biden is using a “quid pro quo” with Israel. This means he is trading help for something he wants from Israel. He has even talked about not giving weapons to Israel if they go into Rafah. This is making some people upset with Joe Biden.

Many Republicans think what Joe Biden is doing with Israel is not right. They say he is trying to make the progressive voters happy. Some Republicans even say Joe Biden should be impeached for what he is doing. They remember when Donald Trump was in trouble for something similar with Ukraine.

Written by Staff Reports

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