Bank of UnAmerica: CEO’s Shocking Anti-US Agenda Exposed

In the latest critique of perceived leftist activism, Consumers' Research has expressed strong disapproval of Bank of America and its CEO, Brian Moynihan, alleging misuse of their influential position to further agendas that, according to them, are detrimental to our nation and its people. Will Hild, the executive director of the consumer advocacy group, took a stand against Moynihan, accusing him of turning the United States' second-largest bank into a political tool. Hild also argued that the bank's use of arbitrary Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria could potentially deny people and companies access to vital banking services, drawing parallels with China's social credit system.

As part of its efforts to expose what it sees as leftist activism in renowned corporations, Consumers' Research launched a "Woke Alert", accompanying this initiative with two national television commercials, a website dubbed "Bank of UnAmerica", a billboard in Times Square, New York City, and over a dozen mobile billboards visible in cities nationwide. This campaign aims to call attention to the group's criticisms and hold corporations accountable for perceived attempts to promote far-left ideologies.

According to Hild, while Bank of America claims to serve the interests of the nation, he believes that Moynihan and his team have been actively working against it. "It's ironic that this is the same bank that poured billions into China, thereby indirectly supporting the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party," he noted.

Hild further accused Bank of America of undermining domestic energy production through its lobbying efforts, allegedly in support of the United Nations' climate initiative known as the Net Zero Alliance. He claimed these efforts have resulted in economic stagnation. Moreover, Hild criticized the bank's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, which he believes portrays America negatively and asks staff to confront their 'White Privilege.' He concluded by suggesting that Bank of America seems to lack a commitment to the interests of America.

Consumers' Research has previously taken issue with companies like BlackRock, American Airlines, Nike, and Coca-Cola, accusing them of prioritizing social justice issues above the interests of their shareholders and customers. Through their campaigns, the group aims to offer hope to those who seek corporate accountability and reject what they perceive as a liberal agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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