Biden Facing Impeachment: Dems Can’t Hide Criminal Conduct Anymore

In a shocking turn of events, Democratic candidate Joe Biden may soon be facing impeachment proceedings if Rep. Andy Biggs has his way. Biggs boldly stated that Biden would need to be impeached due to “gross criminal misconduct.” The Democrats have been quick to defend their candidate, but the evidence just keeps piling up.

Biggs believes that the allegations against Biden are serious enough to be considered treasonous, but he is holding back on that for the time being. However, as the evidence begins to reveal itself, Biggs is confident that impeachment proceedings will be necessary. The Democrats cannot continue to defend their candidate with the lies they’ve been spreading.

There is evidence of criminal activity, and it’s voluminous. Biggs’ staff is working tirelessly to go through it all. But once they are done, there will be no denying the truth. This is a grave situation that requires action. Once Biden is out of office, he will need to be indicted for his actions.

The Democrats cannot continue to ignore the mounting evidence against their candidate. They need to come to grips with the truth and accept the consequences. Talk is cheap, but action speaks louder than words. It’s time for justice to be served and for the people of this great nation to know the truth about Joe Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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