Bannon Slams 149 GOP Traitors: Betraying MAGA, Backing Biden’s Spending Spree

Steve Bannon Blasts Establishment Republicans for Betraying MAGA Voters

The Uniparty spending bill has been passed by the House of Representatives with the help of 149 Republicans, leaving many conservatives scratching their heads. Steve Bannon, the host of War Room, wasted no time in calling these Republicans out on their betrayal of MAGA voters, who believed that they would cut spending and reduce the deficit.

Not only did the Uniparty spending bill not solve the problem of the federal budget deficit, but it gave the Biden regime carte blanche to spend even more money. Bannon was incensed that Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, both prominent conservatives, went along with this sell-out and called for them to be primaried by “real MAGA” candidates.

In Bannon’s view, there was no rational explanation for Republicans caving in to the Democrats on this issue. The bill did not bend the curve of spending down, and it added another four trillion dollars to the national debt. He called it a “monstrosity” that would hurt future generations.

While Democrats and their lapdog media crowed about the passage of the Uniparty bill, Bannon pointed out that the 27 Republicans who voted against it understood the gravity of the situation. They knew that America cannot continue to borrow and spend without eventually facing the consequences.

Bannon didn’t pull any punches, stating that any Republican who voted for this bill should be primaried and turfed out. He accused them of lying to their constituents and betraying their promises to fiscal conservatism.

The Uniparty spending bill is now headed to the Senate, where Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is waiting to approve it. It remains to be seen if any real conservatives in that chamber will put up a fight and demand that the federal government get its fiscal house in order.

In the meantime, Steve Bannon is not going to let those 149 Republicans escape his wrath. He has called them out for their betrayal and demanded that they be held accountable by the voters. If conservatives want to stop the Democrats’ spending spree, they need to start by getting rid of weak-kneed Republicans who don’t have the guts to stand up to the establishment.

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