US Anti-Tank Missile in Cartel Hands: Biden’s Wake-Up Call?

Recently, a disturbing video from Mexico emerged on social media showing members of the infamous Gulf Cartel looking powerful with an anti-tank missile distinctly made in the USA. The video is a cause for concern and raises many questions about how American weapons provided to Ukraine to counter the Russian invasion could have possibly ended up in the hands of vicious drug cartels. The weapon in the video is thought to be a Javelin anti-tank missile worth more than $20,000 to $60,000 on the black market.

To make matters worse, an AK-47 was also visible in the video, clearly locating the identity of these cartels that are carrying out criminal activities. This incident is a loud reminder that America should take strict control over its prized possessions and increase the supervision of its weapons provided to foreign countries. However, liberal administrations have been highly negligent in tracking the movement of these US-made weapons.

It is worth noting that this Javelin anti-tank missile is not something that can be simply carried around like an ordinary handgun; it is a rocket launcher with a high level of sophistication. This incident should be a clarion call for the Biden administration to wake up and take action to secure American-made weapons from unwanted and unauthorized sources.

It is inadmissible to allow such massive negligence to occur at a time when the drug cartels pose a huge threat to the United States and Mexico. This is why conservative politicians have always advocated protectionism when it comes to American manufacturing, security, and technology that could fall into the hands of criminals and terrorists. At the same time, our leaders should take immediate measures to clean up the mess created by the previous administration. The Biden government should invest in creating stringent control measures for tracking these weapons to avoid falling into the hands of cartels or other terror organizations.

Written by Staff Reports

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