Begging for Mercy: Dems Plead with Allies to Baby Biden!

Allies of President Joe Biden are rallying together to urge members of the Democratic Party to stop their incessant criticism of the president, as the 2024 election looms on the horizon. With less than a year until the next presidential showdown, Biden has been grappling with backlash from his own party, who express doubts about his leadership and question his ability to secure victory in the upcoming race. Recognizing the need for unity, Biden’s allies are calling for an end to the criticism and instead encourage party members to shower the president with praise, especially as his poll numbers experience a decline.

Leading the charge is Democratic strategist Steve Elmendorf, who echoes the sentiments of many Biden loyalists, emphasizing the importance of securing the president’s re-election. “He’s running for reelection, people need to understand that, and so as a party, everybody should figure out how we can get him reelected,” Elmendorf said. He further adds a sprinkle of humor to the mix, stating that people should stop “bedwetting” and focus on the task at hand – winning the election. Elmendorf’s stance is supported by former President Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod, who admits that while he believes Biden has a “50-50 shot” at victory, he thinks the president should drop out altogether. You win some, you lose some, right?

But it’s not just the political bigwigs who are chiming in. Former Democratic New York Rep. Joe Crowley also shares his insight, chastising the moaning, groaning, and whining that has infiltrated his party. With a touch of tough love, Crowley cautions that such behavior affects the voters’ psyche, urging everyone to put a damper on the complaints. According to him, once the griping stops, Biden’s numbers will undoubtedly see an improvement among Democrats, and even extend to the wider voter base.

Unfortunately for Biden, his poll numbers don’t exactly paint a rosy picture. Recent data from Gallup reveals that his approval rating among Democrats took a nosedive, declining 11 points from September to October and plummeting to a meager 75 percent, the lowest ever recorded. The president’s overall approval rating also slipped, languishing at just 37 percent according to the October Gallup poll. In the battleground states, Biden finds himself trailing behind his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. A new Emerson College poll indicates that Trump is currently leading with 47 percent, while Biden sits at a humbling 43 percent. It’s quite the flip from October’s poll, where Trump was only slightly ahead at 47 percent to Biden’s 45 percent.

Despite these lackluster numbers, Biden’s allies remain steadfast in their belief that it’s not yet time to hit the panic button. They understand that in the world of politics, especially during an election year, anything can happen. Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle assures everyone that over the next 12 months, circumstances could shift dramatically. While concern is warranted, there’s no need to lose sleep just yet. After all, a year in politics seems like a lifetime, so let’s just wait and see what surprises are in store.

Written by Staff Reports

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