Biden’s DOD Prefers Wokeness to Warfare with $114M DEI Splurge!

The Biden administration is making waves with its latest move to prioritize diversity and inclusion in the Department of Defense. The agency is asking for a whopping $114 million to fund diversity and equity initiatives, a decision that has some conservatives fuming and accusing the administration of politicizing the armed forces.

The DOD’s budget request for fiscal year 2024 has raised eyebrows with its hefty focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The federal agency is putting a strong emphasis on “ensuring accountable leadership” and investing in various programs, including sexual assault and harassment prevention, suicide prevention, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA).

In the report, the DOD boldly proclaims that it will lead with its values by integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into all of its operations. The document also states that leaders at all levels are responsible for fostering an inclusive environment that supports diversity and condemns problematic behaviors.

However, House Republicans wasted no time slamming the DOD’s funding request. They pointed out that the Pentagon failed its sixth consecutive audit just last week and criticized the prioritization of DEI initiatives over military preparedness.

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado didn’t mince words, calling out the Pentagon for requesting $114 million for DEI programs right after failing an audit for a whopping $1.6 trillion. She made it crystal clear that she wasn’t about to crack a joke because the situation was no laughing matter.

Rep. Dan Bishop of Texas chimed in, urging Congress to scrutinize the DOD’s spending authorization. He emphasized the need for the military to remain focused on defending the nation rather than participating in what he referred to as “woke training seminars.”

The pushback against the DOD’s plan stems from the belief that it detracts from the military’s primary mission. With global conflicts and challenges at hand, conservatives argue that allocating $114 million for DEI initiatives seems misplaced and unnecessary.

In the eyes of Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri, the DOD’s request for DEI funding is especially tone-deaf given the current state of affairs, with Americans feeling the impact of global conflict while the Pentagon pushes for millions to be spent on diversity and inclusion.

Written by Staff Reports

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