Bernstein Diagnoses Biden’s Cognitive Decline: Conservatives Aren’t Surprised!

Carl Bernstein seems to have discovered a new hobby: playing armchair psychiatrist. This week, the Watergate-era journalist took it upon himself to diagnose President Biden with 15-20 episodes of cognitive decline. Conservative America is far from surprised. After all, they’ve been ringing alarm bells about Biden’s questionable mental clarity long before he tripped up the stairs of Air Force One – once, twice, three times.

Readers of the NY Post have plenty to say about Bernstein’s sudden realization. One can almost hear the collective eye-roll and exasperated sighs. The man’s been wandering off-script and mumbling through speeches for years, yet the mainstream media has been doing its best impression of a Las Vegas magician – making Biden’s blunders vanish into thin air. It’s about time one of their own broke ranks, albeit very reluctantly, and pointed out the obvious.

Of course, in Bernstein’s expert medical opinion, these 15-20 episodes are just a few isolated incidents. Conservative Americans might argue that he’s being generous. The tally seems much higher to those who remember Biden addressing Kamala Harris as “President” or forgetting what office he was running for. Let’s not even start with his grasp on global geography, or lack thereof.

The common thread in NY Post reader comments isn’t just criticism but incredulity at the media’s new-found willingness to acknowledge what any keen observer has known for ages. Many readers have got to be shaking their heads in disbelief that it took this long for even a peep about Biden’s cognitive stumbles. It seems like another case of the left’s strategy of cover-up-and-deny coming apart at the seams.

As the old saying goes, better late than never. Bernstein’s comments may be too little, too late, but they do provide a glimmer of hope that even the mainstream media might not be able to shield their preferred candidates from scrutiny forever. Conservative America isn’t holding its breath, but they’ll take the momentary lapse in left-wing loyalty and run with it.

Written by Staff Reports

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