Biden Tries to Rally Support Amid Democratic Skepticism and Weak Debate Performance

President Joe Biden is gearing up to chat with military members, veterans, caregivers, and their families Thursday evening. His speech comes hot on the heels of a lackluster debate against former President Donald Trump, which has led a number of Democrats to question whether Old Joe should throw in the towel.

This address is a big moment for Biden, as he scrambles to convince a skeptical public that he’s got enough gas in the tank for another term. Even some of his own party are losing faith, with a handful of Democratic lawmakers outright calling for him to step aside, and others murmuring that maybe Kamala Harris should take the wheel.

One can’t help but notice the rising chorus within the Democrat ranks suggesting Biden take a back seat. But the idea of Kamala Harris stepping up is laughable at best; this is the same VP who’s been practically running a hide-and-seek game with competence and visibility.

Meanwhile, conservatives watch this political theater unfold, knowing that the real debate isn’t about swapping one cardboard cutout for another; it’s about returning sanity to governance. Biden’s 8 p.m. speech better be a good one, and even then, it’s doubtful any amount of grandstanding will save him from the mess he’s made.

Grab the popcorn because it’s going to be quite the show, watching this administration tie itself in knots trying to justify another four years of the same old song and dance. For now, Biden is just playing for time, hoping to keep the ship afloat while the mutiny brews below deck.

Written by Staff Reports

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