Biden Admin Adds Radical Woke Advocate to Communications Team

In the latest mind-boggling move from the Biden administration, Tyler Cherry, the newly appointed associate comms director, has raised eyebrows for his apparent devotion to everything woke and outlandish. Cherry, who uses plural pronouns to identify himself, made headlines for his lavish wedding to a man named Jakob Stronko in 2022, complete with a glittery lavender gown, dangling earrings, and yes, a moustache. Can someone check if this is a real-life soap opera or just another day in Biden’s circus? 


It seems like the White House has become a safe haven for those who champion extreme ideologies and unconventional lifestyles. Before joining Biden’s team, Cherry was busy cozying up at Media Matters, where he honed his skills in promoting divisive narratives and attacking anyone who dares oppose the woke agenda. If that wasn’t enough, Cherry also had a stint at the Department of Interior, where he managed to mix activism with advocacy, pushing for the dismantling of law enforcement agencies and glorifying groups like Hamas. Just the kind of resume you want in a key government position, right?

Cherry’s track record is filled with instances of pushing false narratives, inciting family rifts over politics, and wholeheartedly subscribing to the gender pronoun charade that seems to be a favorite among the woke crowd. When confronted about his inflammatory past statements, Cherry conveniently played the “I-was-younger-then” card, as if maturity suddenly makes radicalism acceptable. Now, he pledges unwavering loyalty to Biden’s agenda, ready to be the mouthpiece for whatever radical policies come his way.

As Cherry prances into the administration, one can’t help but recall past instances of bizarre characters populating Biden’s team. From oddball officiating at weddings to advocating for the downfall of societal norms, the deviancy within this White House seems to run deep. It’s as if they’re daring Americans to question their sanity and political acumen with each new appointment.

In a political landscape where outrageousness is becoming the norm, it’s crucial for Americans to remain vigilant and vocal about the kind of leadership they want representing them. As Cherry takes the stage to amplify Biden’s messaging, one thing is clear: the circus in Washington is far from packing up, and it’s up to the people to decide whether they want to be part of the spectacle or demand a return to political sanity.

Written by Staff Reports

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