Biden Administration Bans Soldiers From Displaying Huge Flags During Big Events

Officials of the Department of Defense told service members on February 10 that the US flag should not be displayed at sporting events.

According to Thomas Spoehr, a Heritage Foundation officer, the military is experiencing a serious recruitment decline, which is unprecedented since the end of the Vietnam War. This issue is not seen since 1973, when the draft ended. Despite the guidance's alignment with Title 4, it is a significant reversal of the Pentagon's previous practices.

In the past, military personnel have been asked to display large flags during sporting events. A spokesperson for the Department of Defense noted that although some people find these actions patriotic, the flags should not be carried or touched.

According to Schwegman, the purpose of this memorandum is to allow service members to display their patriotism while following the proper guidelines. In addition, the jumpers of the Department of Defense can only use the U.S. flag during demonstrations if it can be handled properly.

According to a report by the Indianapolis Star in 2015, the Department of Defense spent over $6 million on various patriotic exhibitions in the previous four years. After a joint oversight report was submitted by Republican senators Jeff Flake and John McCain, the Pentagon decided to stop the practice of paying for patriotism.

A survey conducted by the Department of Defense revealed that only 9% of eligible individuals wanted to join the military after dropping high school and GED requirements.

The number of people who are proud of their country has reached an all-time low. According to a Gallup poll, only 38% of Americans are extremely proud of their country. This figure is significantly lower than the 55% that was reported in 2001.

Despite these factors, the Department of Defense maintains that the memorandum is still in keeping with regulations. It aims to ensure that the flag is treated properly.

In order to promote the capabilities of the military and show the country's patriotism, Chris Meagher, a Department of Defense public affairs officer, suggested that the military can exhibit its capabilities at community events.

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