Biden Administration Ignores Killer’s Non-Binary Identity in Club Q Sentencing Rant

The Biden administration took the opportunity of the Club Q shooter’s sentencing to launch into another one of their dramatic rants about domestic threats to the LGBTQ community. The Department of Justice made sure to remind everyone just how much they care about gays, “transgenders,” and everything else in between and beyond.

The 24-year-old shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was handed a hefty 55-life sentence plus 190 years, with no chance of parole. This was after Aldrich pleaded guilty to a grand total of 74 federal hate crimes and firearms offenses. Aldrich’s rampage at Club Q in Colorado Springs left five people dead 19 wounded, and potentially 26 more could have perished if not for sheer luck.

What’s particularly amusing, or perhaps ironic, is that Aldrich’s own defense team proudly proclaimed he identifies as non-binary and prefers “they/them” pronouns. The narrative took a wild turn when the Biden administration, in a feat of verbal gymnastics, avoided mentioning this little nugget during their tirades. Aldrich’s non-binary status was buried under the avalanche of warnings about homophobia and anti-LGBTQ violence spewing from the podium.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray feigned ignorance of Aldrich’s self-proclaimed identity. Instead, they grandstanded about the attack being driven by hatred against the LGBTQIA+ community without bothering to explain that Aldrich was supposedly part of that very community. The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division Chief, Assistant AG Kristen Clarke, was equally cautious, tiptoeing around any mention of Aldrich’s pronouns lest they trip up their politically correct façade.

While all this drama unfolded, the mainstream media played along, parroting Aldrich’s case without any critical thought. The National Trans Bar Association chimed in, asserting that one’s membership in a protected group doesn’t negate the possibility of a hate crime, further twisting the situation to fit a preferred narrative.

Digging deeper into Aldrich’s past reveals a more bizarre and tragic story than the identity politics circus. Born as Nicholas Franklin Brink, Aldrich changed his name at 15 after enduring severe cyberbullying. His father, a former porno star and MMA fighter, had his own set of issues, including addiction and legal problems. Aldrich’s mother was no model parent, with a record of arson and erratic behavior.

Aldrich’s life was a ticking time bomb, ticking loudly enough that his grandparents had contemplated moving to escape his violent threats. He even livestreamed a standoff with police, boasting about his bomb-making skills, yet somehow managed to evade serious legal consequences until it was too late. In a shocking twist of fate, the witnesses who could have put Aldrich away decided to play uncooperative, leading to a judge dismissing his case.

All these details paint a picture of how a chaotic upbringing and a collapsing judicial system allowed a ticking time bomb to explode at Club Q. Yet instead of confronting these uncomfortable truths; the Biden administration prefers to stick with their usual sermonizing about hate crimes and marginalized communities. Apparently, even a non-binary shooter causing mayhem can’t derail their carefully crafted narrative.

Written by Staff Reports

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