Biden Aide Praises Price Drop Fantasy While Americans Struggle with Soaring Costs

President Biden’s aides have been moonlighting as amateur comedians because one of them just claimed that Biden has “done a lot” to help lower prices. This statement would be hilarious if it weren’t so detached from reality. As Americans struggle to afford groceries, gas, and almost everything else, Biden and his crew seem to live in a fantasy world where inflation is a figment of everyone’s imagination.

This bold claim from Biden’s aide seems to distract the public from the administration’s track record. Under Biden’s watch, prices have surged for everything from a gallon of milk to a gas tank. And what’s the administration’s response? Please send in an aide to gaslight the American people into thinking their wallets aren’t being looted every time they head to the store.

The Biden administration’s approach to economic issues appears to involve throwing money at problems they exacerbated. Anyone who remembers their first-grade math knows that printing more money tends to worsen inflation, not better. Yet, Biden’s team continues to spend like it’s not their own money—a problem since, in truth, it’s everyone else’s.

This kind of narrative gymnastics might have worked when the media was more cooperative, but Americans don’t need a press release to understand how much more they pay daily. They feel it with every swipe of their debit card. Meanwhile, Biden’s administration pats themselves on the back as prices soar, pretending their solutions are making a difference.

Now, it’s clear that Biden’s aides have decided to write their version of reality—a version where the president is a price-lowering superhero. But the rest of America, grappling with the relentless rise in everyday costs, knows better. Perhaps it’s time they stopped imitating The Onion and started giving severe answers to serious problems.

Written by Staff Reports

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