Trump Unveils Energy Strategy, Targets Biden on Climate Policy Ahead of Debate

Former President Donald Trump has once again stirred the pot by revealing his proposed talking points on climate change and energy ahead of Thursday’s debate. In a bold move that only Trump can pull off, he posted a screenshot of these points on Truth Social, his own social media platform. The source of these points? None other than Andrew Wheeler, the former EPA chief under the Trump administration. This is not your average pre-debate strategy, but then again, Trump is anything but average.

The talking points might feel like déjà vu for those keeping score at home. They directly aim at President Joe Biden for his well-documented struggles with U.S. energy policy. Biden’s favorite pastime of canceling oil and gas pipelines and halting federal leases is again under the microscope. The critique is simple but effective: America still needs energy, and thanks to Biden’s policies, it’s now forced to rely on less-than-friendly foreign nations to meet those needs. Common sense, anyone?

Let’s add some skepticism to the mix while we’re at it. The memo claims that during Trump’s first term, emissions actually decreased. Imagine that—lower emissions without strangling the economy with regulatory nonsense! If he gets another go at the Oval Office, Trump promises more of the same. Now, this is where the so-called experts would like you to remember how Trump previously labeled climate change as a hoax and pledged to roll back the excessive Biden-era regulations on fossil fuels. Trump’s approach isn’t about virtue-signaling or bowing to the climate cult; it’s about practical, America-first policies that work.

A few green thumbs might also moan that emissions dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic when most people were locked indoors. But let’s not kid ourselves—Trump’s administration already had emissions on the decline thanks to cutting pointless red tape imposed during the Obama years. Wheeler was crowing about these reductions way before the pandemic forced everyone off the roads.

Naturally, Biden’s gang couldn’t resist chiming in. Ammar Moussa, Biden’s rapid response director, decided to laugh at Trump’s expense, posting a snarky comment on X. If anything, this little memo post has lit a fire under the political landscape, invigorating Trump’s supporters and giving the Biden camp a new headache to deal with.

One might wonder if Trump will even stick to the script come debate time. Known for his penchant for speaking off the cuff, there’s always a chance the former president will ad-lib his way through the evening. Either way, the crowd is in for a show that won’t disappoint—something that certainly can’t be said for Biden’s sleepy soliloquies.

Written by Staff Reports

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