Biden Ally Suggests Israel Surrender to Hamas Terrorists

An associate of Joe Biden, known for his questionable opinions, has recently suggested a disturbing notion that Israel should surrender to the terrorist group Hamas. This individual, Thomas L. Friedman, appears to have lost touch with reality, advocating for Israel to let a group bent on violence and destruction claim victory in the ongoing conflict.

In his column, Friedman accuses the Israeli government of being “far-right” simply for wanting to defend itself and portrays Biden as the potential savior if he takes an even more anti-Israel stance. By pushing for Hamas to be allowed to declare victory, Friedman shows a dangerous ignorance of the terrorist group’s history of violence and lack of respect for any ceasefire agreements.

Furthermore, Friedman’s backing of Biden’s policies and attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveal a bias that is alarming. His dismissal of the truth about the situation in Gaza and his promotion of misguided solutions only serve to exacerbate the already tense situation in the region.

It is evident that Friedman’s views are skewed and fail to take into account the safety and security of the Israeli people. By advocating for Israel to make concessions to a terrorist organization, he is putting innocent lives at risk and disregarding the long-standing right of Israel to exist in peace and security.

In the face of such misguided opinions, it is important for conservatives to stand firm in support of Israel and reject the dangerous ideas put forth by individuals like Friedman and his associates. Israel’s right to defend itself and its people must be upheld, and any attempts to undermine this fundamental right should be met with strong opposition.

Written by Staff Reports

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