Dems Set to Nominate Biden-Harris Despite Sinking Polls and Chaos

Forget about the Democrats finding a better option; it’s looking more and more like they’ll be sticking with the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris duo, despite the undeniable chaos surrounding their campaign. The Democratic National Committee is gearing up to nominate Biden and Harris with a virtual vote ahead of their convention in Chicago from August 19-22. This move aims to lock in their anointed ticket amid growing panic within the party that Biden’s sinking poll numbers simply can’t be ignored.

Even the chattering class within the party can’t deny the cold, hard truth. Biden’s poll numbers are tanking faster than a lead balloon, showing him losing in every key battleground state. To put icing on this politically disastrous cake, Biden frequently seems mentally confused and physically frail. The man is 81, not getting any younger, and his gaffes are becoming a regular punchline.

Here’s where it gets interesting—or laughable, depending on one’s perspective. Some Democrats are floating the idea of replacing Kamala Harris with none other than Hillary Clinton. You read that right, folks. The same Hillary Clinton who lost to Donald Trump in 2016. Apparently, they think she’s a stronger contender than Harris, who hasn’t exactly wowed anyone with her vice-presidential performance.

To make sure there’s no last-minute switcheroo at the convention, the DNC cooked up a plan for a virtual roll call vote. Despite Ohio pushing their filing deadline, the Democrats are running scared, probably assuming every Republican-led state legislature is lurking with nefarious voter suppression plans.

The virtual vote would, in theory, lock in the Biden-Harris ticket, thwarting any last-minute attempt to steer the Titanic away from its iceberg. Democratic leaders are desperately trying to give the appearance of unity while whispers grow louder about sending old Joe and his sidekick packing in favor of a younger, more viable candidate.

Polling wizard Nate Silver pointed out that Biden’s approval ratings have nosedived to a depressing 37.4%. In the world of politics, that’s like trying to win an Oscar with a B-movie script. Yet, despite every red flag, the DNC insists that the virtual vote is simply an “insurance policy” against those dastardly Republican schemers.

A nominating process typically filled with pomp and splendor now risks devolving into an online roll call that even loyal Democrats might find a bitter pill to swallow. Having staged a dazzling virtual convention in 2020 because of COVID-19, the Democrats now have to explain why they’re veering off script at a time when they could really use some drama and excitement in their Chicago convention.

Democratic Party bigwigs like Elaine Kamarck are begging for an in-person, good old-fashioned roll call vote, just to keep appearances and make it look somewhat dignified. But whether it’s virtual or in-person, one thing is glaringly evident: the Democrats are in trouble, and no amount of digital smoke and mirrors can change that fact.

Now all eyes will be on the Republican National Convention from July 15-18 in Milwaukee, where clear-headed political strategy and confidence in leadership will likely be on full display—quite the contrast to the DNC’s latest floundering attempts to convince voters they’ve got everything under control.

Written by Staff Reports

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