Biden Awards Medals in Civil War Stunt Amid Election Tensions

Joe Biden, always one to leverage history for his political theater, has awarded the Medal of Honor to two Union soldiers who participated in the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War. It’s a move with some scratching their heads and others scoffing at the seemingly desperate pandering. Philip G. Shadrach and George D. Wilson, both privates, were posthumously recognized for their daring but ultimately fatal mission behind Confederate lines. Their mission? Hijacking a train and disrupting critical communication lines — a commendable feat, but one has to wonder why Biden chose this moment amid contentious election debates to dig up old war stories.

Of course, Biden couldn’t resist the opportunity to draw parallels to his oft-repeated narrative about January 6th being the biggest threat to democracy since the Civil War, a claim that’s as exaggerated as his stories about his childhood escapades. Every soldier besides Shadrach and Wilson who participated in the mission received the Medal of Honor, but these two had managed to slip through the bureaucratic cracks — up until now. And conveniently, just as Biden’s approval ratings needed some fortifying.

The Civil War, with its legacy of more than 600,000 dead, remains a pivotal point in American history, and Biden’s handlers clearly know how to exploit it to stir emotions. As Biden spoke of the soldiers fighting for freedom, justice, fairness, and unity, some couldn’t help but notice the irony. This is the same administration that seems allergic to the very constitutional rights these soldiers supposedly died protecting. What better way to distract from current issues than by wrapping oneself in the flag of long-past battles?

Adding a layer of sentimental drama, the great-great-grandchildren of these soldiers were paraded out to evoke tears and heartfelt tributes. Wilson’s descendant recalled his final words with chilling detail, while Shadrach’s relished the idea of their ancestor being a brave, free spirit. It’s a touching narrative but also a timely one, with a side of convenient historical amnesia about Biden’s questionable commitment to running a united and just nation.

By revisiting this 19th-century escapade, Biden’s team ensures the president maintains a veneer of patriotism while subtly reminding voters of his narrative about threats to democracy — a thinly veiled reference to Trump supporters. All wrapped up with references to Hollywood adaptations of the story, making sure the spectacle reached every demographic, even cinephiles pining for the days of Fess Parker and Buster Keaton.

In the grand performance of politics, Biden’s awarding of the Medal of Honor to Shadrach and Wilson isn’t just about honoring the past. It’s about repackaging history in a way that serves today’s political agenda, complete with a heavy dose of Hollywood flair.

Written by Staff Reports

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