Biden Faces Pressure to Resign as Polls Show Strong Support for Trump

Joe Biden is stumbling again, and not just on stage. As the 81-year-old president continues to face growing pressure to resign, even from within his own party, it seems some liberal politicians are desperately trying to prop up his failing administration.

Biden, who is apparently more skilled at tripping over his words than delivering a coherent message, summoned over 20 Democratic congressional leaders and governors in a bid to convince them that he is still mentally and physically capable of holding onto the presidency for another term. Attendees included delusional hopefuls like Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz, California’s Gavin Newsom, Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, New York’s Kathy Hochul, Maryland’s Wes Moore, Kentucky’s Andy Beshear, and Hawaii’s Josh Green.

Josh Green, apparently a newly appointed medical expert, described Biden as a “healthy gentleman” who just had “one bad night.” Quick reminder: Biden’s “bad night” was a debate performance so disastrous it might have been more entertaining if it had been a comedy special. One can only imagine the facepalms happening in living rooms across America.

Walz went on to claim that Biden is “fit for office” and assured that their “path to victory in November is the number one priority.” Well, Tim, if a priority means ignoring reality and pretend-playing that a bumbling performance didn’t just tank your prospects, then mission accomplished. Not denying Thursday night was a fiasco isn’t exactly a rousing endorsement.

Meanwhile, despite these Democratic theatrics, over 80 percent of Americans think Biden is just too old for the job. A Wall Street Journal poll found former President Donald Trump with a solid lead over Biden, garnering 48 to 42 percent support.

But that’s not all folks: a New York Times/Siena College poll reveals Trump boasting a six-point advantage among likely voters. Independents, who are usually more sensible, are pretty much done with the Biden saga; according to a JL Partners poll, nearly 70 percent of them want Sleepy Joe to take a permanent nap from politics. In contrast, only a clueless 32 percent of Democrats think he should hang in there.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of his dwindling fitness, Biden insists on clinging to the race like a barnacle to a sinking ship. Yet, as the curtain falls on this political drama, it’s becoming increasingly clear that more Americans are ready to turn the page.

Written by Staff Reports

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