Prominent surgeons suggest Biden may have spent $160K on cosmetic procedures over the years

President Joe Biden’s ever-changing appearance has sparked speculation, with many Americans noting differences from his days as vice president and senator. The Daily Mail recently reported that a prominent Hollywood plastic surgeon weighed in on Biden’s potential cosmetic procedures over the years.

Dr. Gary Motykie suggested that Biden may have spent around $160,000 on cosmetic treatments, pointing to signs of a facelift, eyelid surgery, and other work. This assessment is not unique, as various other plastic surgeons have echoed similar sentiments without directly examining the President.

Dr. Motykie’s observations were further supported by Dr. Yoel Shahar, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Dr. Nicholas Jones, Dr. Javad Sajan, and Dr. Otto Placik, who all highlighted different aspects of Biden’s appearance that they believe indicate past surgical interventions.

Additionally, speculation swirls around Biden’s hair, with suggestions that he may have undergone hair grafts or plugs to address hair loss. This speculation dates back to his time as a senator and has continued to attract attention over the years.

Comparisons were drawn to former President Donald Trump’s appearance, with Dr. Motykie noting differences in their approaches to aging. While Trump’s look was deemed more natural, Biden’s alleged cosmetic enhancements have not gone unnoticed by those monitoring his appearance.

The alleged motivations behind Biden’s cosmetic work have been a subject of discussion, with some insiders theorizing that it may be a political strategy to present a more vibrant image to the public. However, skepticism remains about whether these cosmetic alterations will truly sway voters or alter perceptions significantly.

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