Biden Border Crisis Worsens as GOP States Lead Defense Efforts

Following Joe Biden's four years in office, the nation is facing a serious border problem. Every state is suffering as a result of the dysfunction in Washington and the unguarded southern border. Immigration is still the most important topic for the third straight month, according to a recent Gallup poll, highlighting the critical need for action.

State Republicans have stepped up to combat the surge of illegal immigration and the deadly fentanyl issue, while the Biden administration tries to control the border. In an effort to fortify the southern border, the National Guards of fourteen Republican-led states have been called into action and sent to Texas. In areas where the federal government has failed, governors like Greg Abbott of Texas are stepping in and making decisions.

Meanwhile, states controlled by Republicans, like Florida and Louisiana, have passed laws to deal with the fentanyl problem. Republican state legislators and Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia collaborated to enact legislation aimed at fentanyl producers. Even if the fentanyl crisis is taking five lives in Virginia each day, national Democrats like Jen Psaki have downplayed the worries of voters about immigration and border security.

Democrats in Washington and other states are still ignoring the situation at the border. Their sanctuary policies are placing a burden on hospital systems and have resulted in excessive prices for migrant housing. Because of the excessive burdens that sanctuary laws impose, several Democratic mayors—like Eric Adams of New York—are reevaluating their implementation. However, the issue is made worse by Minnesota's Democratic-led quest to become a sanctuary state.

Unchecked illegal immigration and the flow of fentanyl have been made easier by the open southern border, leading to terrible and avoidable fatalities. According to a poll by the Republican State Leadership Committee, thirty percent of respondents say that immigration and border security are their top concerns, and they think state Republicans will manage these issues better than Democrats.

The Republican State Leadership Committee is spending money on immigration and border security messaging in important battleground states because they understand how important this topic is. This involves starting a sizable advertising effort in advance of the elections in November. Given that during Biden's administration, over 9.4 million illegal immigrants entered the US, state Republicans are dedicated to tackling this pressing issue and persuading voters with a strong case for border security. The head of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, Todd Gilbert, is advising Republican contenders to keep border security as their top priority and strive for regaining majorities in the next elections.

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