Hunter Biden Accused of Overpaying for Drugs by DEA Report

A recent report from the Drug Enforcement Administration revealed that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, may have engaged in purchasing crack cocaine at a significantly inflated price. The DEA agent testifying in the case, Joshua Romig, shared details about the coded language used by Mr. Biden in his text messages related to drug transactions.

According to the testimony, Mr. Biden indicated that he had paid $600 for 10 grams of crack cocaine, a price that was noted as being 60% higher than the market value. Agent Romig expressed Mr. Biden’s apparent dissatisfaction with the amount he received given the price paid. He also pointed out that such a high price is not typical, and could be a result of sellers taking advantage of a buyer’s desperation.

Furthermore, the report indicated that Mr. Biden used coded language in his texts, referring to substances like “baby powder” as a code for cocaine and “party favor” as a reference to drugs in general. Additionally, Mr. Biden mentioned “Fenten,” which Agent Romig identified as a reference to fentanyl, a highly dangerous drug.

The information shared in the report raises concerns about the potential involvement of the President’s son in illegal drug activities. The revelations may have serious implications, especially in light of the ongoing efforts to address drug abuse and trafficking in the country. As the case unfolds, the public and policymakers will likely seek further insights into this matter.

Written by Staff Reports

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