Biden Bungles: Ghost Town Gov’t Buildings Amid Migrant Crisis!

The Biden administration is scrambling to find places to put all the illegal immigrants they’ve caught and released into the U.S. But Senator Joni Ernst, a sharp-eyed Republican from Iowa, has uncovered a shocking twist — turns out, the government offices in our nation’s capital are basically ghost towns! Seriously, the Department of Homeland Security’s swanky headquarters in D.C. is sitting nearly 70% empty. That’s like a haunted house, but instead of ghosts, it’s just a bunch of empty cubicles.

Not to mention, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose whole job is to find homes for Americans, has a headquarters that’s a whopping 93% vacant. And don’t even get started on the Social Security Administration’s building near Baltimore – it’s a whopping 93% empty! It’s like the whole federal government has gone missing, and no one even noticed.

Senator Ernst didn’t hold back when she blasted the Biden administration for hiding these shocking numbers. She said that the public needs to know how bad things have become in the federal workforce, and she’s absolutely right. We deserve to know why our tax dollars are going to waste on empty offices while the government struggles to deal with the immigration crisis they created.

And get this – when The Washington Times asked the worst-performing agencies about the vacancies, they didn’t even have the guts to provide a comment. That’s right, they’re just ghosting us like a bad Tinder date. The nerve of these bureaucrats, who are more interested in hoarding empty office space than actually getting work done.

But here’s the real punchline: while these federal offices are practically collecting dust, American communities are being overrun by the wave of illegal immigrants that the Biden administration can’t seem to handle. Senator Ernst hit the nail on the head when she suggested that these empty government buildings could be used to house the migrants. It’s like a game of musical chairs, except instead of music, it’s the sound of bureaucratic incompetence.

The fact that these federal buildings are empty while American citizens and legal immigrants are struggling is just plain wrong. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop playing games and start using these empty offices to help solve the problems they’ve created. After all, it’s not like the bureaucrats are using them for anything else.

Written by Staff Reports

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