Hamas Exposed! IDF Reveals Shocking Terror Hub Hidden Near Innocents!

In an effort to combat Hamas propaganda, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have released videos exposing how Hamas has been utilizing schools and homes as a “terrorist stronghold.” The IDF took to X to inform the public about their findings, stating, “Hamas continues to exploit civilian infrastructure as a terrorist hub. Al-Shati is one of many areas where schools and civilian buildings are used to launch rockets, store weapons and carry out attacks against the IDF.”

The video features an Israeli officer identified as Commander of the 932nd Battalion LTC. Dotan, who walks through the devastated neighborhood, revealing the true nature of seemingly innocent places like schools and kindergartens. Dotan refers to this neighborhood as a “terrorist stronghold,” explaining that “shooting is carried out” from these seemingly innocent places that appear harmless on the surface.

Dotan further expands on the issue, mentioning that Hamas operates an underground tunnel network in the direction of kindergartens and schools, turning these areas into a part of their nefarious network. One shocking discovery made during the IDF’s search was a kindergarten filled with weapons. Dotan describes finding an operational situation room inside the principal’s office, where terrorists monitored and coordinated their attacks.

Continuing the tour of terror, the IDF discovered a basement under a civilian’s house being used as a weapons manufacturing facility. They also encountered a school occupied by terrorists who were shooting at IDF forces. Dotan emphasizes that countless terrorists were hiding within the classrooms, highlighting the cynical use of civilian areas by Hamas.

From a nearby apartment building, Hamas would alert the terrorists inside the school about IDF movements. The video exposes a weapons cache in a civilian dwelling’s basement, further showcasing the extent of Hamas’ misuse of civilian areas. The IDF claims that they were left with no choice but to fight within civilian areas, as posts in schools and kindergartens had become terrorist strongholds.

The video concludes with a poignant message, leaving viewers to ponder, “When Hamas terrorists transform civilian areas into terrorist strongholds, what choice are we left with?” The IDF reiterated their stance on X by posting, “Who stores RPG missiles, anti-tank missiles, explosive devices, long-range missiles, grenades, and UAVs at a school and a medical facility in Gaza? The answer: Hamas. Hamas doesn’t hide their terrorism. Stop excusing it.”

On their Telegram channel, the IDF provided additional context to their Twitter post, highlighting the discovery of one of the largest weapons depots in the Gaza Strip near a clinic and school in the northern area. The depot contained an alarming number of weapons, including RPG missiles, anti-tank missiles, explosive devices, long-range missiles aimed at central Israel, grenades, and UAVs. The IDF asserts that this is further evidence of Hamas’ cynical use of the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields.

Overall, the IDF’s released videos shed light on how Hamas utilizes civilian infrastructure for its terrorist activities, prompting widespread concern and condemnation of the group’s tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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