Biden Burned: Gabbard Slams ‘Horrible’ Maui Fires Response!

Tulsi Gabbard, a fierce critic of Joe Biden and his administration, wasted no time in lambasting their lackluster response to the devastating Maui fires. “A horrible, horrible disservice” is how Gabbard described their actions, or rather, lack thereof. She expressed her frustration with the slow response from the county, state, and federal government, highlighting the fact that the affected community is still waiting for help.

In an interview with Fox News, Gabbard voiced her concern for the community members and leaders who are left to fend for themselves. She emphasized the reliance on community-led volunteer efforts and the feeling of abandonment by the government. According to Gabbard, the people affected not only lack the necessary support, but they are also being prevented from receiving assistance from their own neighbors.

Gabbard did not shy away from criticizing the administration’s allocation of funds, noting that while the people of Maui are struggling, millions of dollars are being sent to Ukraine. She even joked that perhaps changing the name of Maui to Ukraine would catch their attention. Clearly, Gabbard believes that Biden’s priorities are misplaced, and the people of west Maui are suffering the consequences.

Surprisingly, Biden has remained relatively silent on the matter. When asked about the rising death toll, he chose to smirk and brush off the questions—leaving the affected community even more disillusioned. Gabbard’s call for immediate action and government support should not be ignored. The Maui fires remain an ongoing crisis, and the people affected deserve better than a mere $700 one-time payment from FEMA. It’s time for the Biden administration to step up and provide the assistance and attention that the people of west Maui desperately need.

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