Biden & Buttigieg Dodge Facts in Bridge Tragedy Aftermath!

President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg faced the nation after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, but instead of providing real answers, they spun tall tales and evaded key questions. The lack of transparency and accountability from top officials raises serious concerns about the administration’s ability to effectively handle this crisis.

Secretary Buttigieg confirmed that six people lost their lives in the collapse and mentioned ongoing investigations, but when pressed for concrete details, he repeatedly deferred, claiming it was “too soon to say.” The lack of clear information on the timeline for reopening the port and bridge, as well as the potential impacts on the economy and inflation, leaves Americans in the dark during a time of crisis.

Moreover, Buttigieg shamelessly used the tragedy as a platform to promote the administration’s controversial infrastructure bill. His attempt to pivot to political agendas in the midst of a national tragedy demonstrates a lack of empathy and a blatant disregard for the gravity of the situation.

Even White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s vague responses about President Biden’s potential visit to Baltimore echo the administration’s evasiveness. The comparison to the delayed response in East Palestine, Ohio, where it took over a year for the President to visit after a train derailment, raises serious doubts about the administration’s priorities and commitment to the affected communities.

Overall, the lack of accountability, transparency, and concrete answers from the Biden administration in the aftermath of the bridge collapse is deeply disappointing and raises serious concerns about their leadership. The American people deserve better in times of crisis, and it’s clear that the current administration is falling short.

Written by Staff Reports

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