Luna Cleans House: Buck Bucked Off, Gallagher Next!

In a recent appearance on Fox Business, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) boldly revealed that she was the one who successfully ousted Rep. Ken Buck from the House Freedom Caucus—hurray for standing up for what’s right! Luna didn’t hold back as she tackled the topic of early retiring members of Congress, even publicly urging Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) to hit the road ASAP, you know, to avoid a pesky special election.

But back to Buck – Luna didn’t mince words when she called him out for potentially undermining Rep. Boebert’s election. She didn’t stand idly by as she bravely stepped in and asked him to pack up his bags and leave the Freedom Caucus. And guess what? He got the boot! You go, Luna! She made it clear that there’s a code of honor in Congress, and if you can’t abide by it, then you’re outta there, buddy.

To add fuel to the fire, Buck didn’t just gracefully bow out; he left with a bitter taste in his mouth, calling the current Congress the absolute worst of his career. Ouch! He didn’t hold back when he announced that he wouldn’t seek reelection in November, joining a growing list of Republican retirees who just can’t handle the chaos and infighting within the conference. Buck even went as far as to lament that this year in Congress was, in his own words, “the worst year in 40, 50 years.” Yikes!

And it’s not just Buck and Gallagher making an early exit! Former Rep. George Santos also found himself on the chopping block, getting the boot and shrinking the Republican majority in the House. Hey, at this rate, they’ll be down to just one member after Gallagher takes off next month. What a rollercoaster of a Congress, huh?

Written by Staff Reports

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