Biden Campaign Enlists GOP Defectors to Undermine Trump

President Biden’s reelection campaign pulled out two so-called Republican “stars” to beg GOP voters to ditch former President Donald Trump, labeling him as an alleged “fake Republican” whose commitment to conservative values is questionable at best.

Former Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and former Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan made a grand appearance, declaring their supposed conservative credentials while claiming the stakes were too perilous to support Trump, the overwhelming favorite for the GOP nomination. Kinzinger and Duncan’s anti-Trump theatrics kicked off just before the first presidential debate, as if the timing wasn’t suspiciously convenient.

The two turncoats are now the most prominent Republicans to publicly side with Biden, who, let’s face it, has done pretty much everything to dismantle the progress made during Trump’s tenure. Oh, and in a sweet twist of irony, Biden’s campaign even hired Kinzinger’s ex-chief of staff to lead its outreach to Republicans. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Kinzinger and Duncan gushed over Biden’s so-called leadership, conveniently forgetting the skyrocketing inflation, porous borders, and chaotic foreign policy that have characterized this administration. Duncan even had the audacity to label Trump’s GOP as a party marred by denial, lies, and conspiracies. The same might be said, perhaps, of a certain party that cried Russian collusion for four years.

Meanwhile, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who has become something of a mascot for anti-Trump sentiment, joined the duo to remind everyone of the chaos on January 6, a favorite narrative that Democrats wield whenever they need to distract from their own governance failures.

These self-anointed “true conservatives” insist Trump isn’t one of them. Duncan criticized Trump for increasing the national debt and labeled him a “fake Republican.” But let’s not pretend Biden’s spending spree, which includes student loan bailouts and every other progressive wish-list item, is any better. Duncan’s crystal ball also tells him that Republicans will be embarrassed to admit they voted for Trump in ten years. Sounds more like wishful thinking than political insight.

Duncan played the tired “let’s rebuild” card, calling for Republicans to abandon Trump and construct a so-called GOP 2.0. Because nothing screams leadership like abandoning the only president in recent memory who actually kept his promises. Maybe the GOP needs a reboot, but it certainly won’t come from the megaphone of Biden’s new best friends.

Written by Staff Reports

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