Supreme Court Hands Biden Censorship Power Right Before Key Presidential Debate!

On the eve of the first presidential debate of 2024, it appears the Supreme Court has donned its referee jersey for Team Biden, handing over the playbook for election meddling. President Biden and his squad of loyal yes-men have been essentially gifted a golden ticket to censor and suppress any news or opinions that don’t align with their progressive narrative. The timing couldn’t be more convenient, just as the nation braces for what will likely be a series of chaotic debates.

It’s no secret that the liberal media and Big Tech have already been doing somersaults to stifle conservative viewpoints. This latest move from the Supreme Court just adds another layer of insulation, protecting Biden’s fragile administration from the inconvenient questions and criticisms that might threaten their house of cards. How patriotic of the Court to shield the President from the horrors of the First Amendment as the race tightens.

Conservative Americans can now watch as the so-called guardians of democracy morph into the gatekeepers of ideology. By effectively sanctioning the suppression of dissenting voices, the Supreme Court has decided to play political puppet master, pulling the strings to ensure a Biden-friendly media landscape. It makes one wonder what happened to good old-fashioned American values, like freedom of speech and open debate.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign headquarters is likely swamped with high-fives and celebratory toasts, knowing they’ve got the judicial branch clearing the path for them. The Democrats can now cruise towards election night with a Supreme Court-endorsed muzzle on their critics, confident that any damaging news or pesky facts will be promptly squashed or shadow-banned into oblivion.

While the mainstream media will likely champion this decision as a triumph of “protecting democracy,” the rest of America will see it for what it is: a blatant power grab and a disgraceful attempt to rig the narrative. As the debates begin, don’t be surprised if key issues vanish into the ether, replaced by the droning monotone of a Biden-centric echo chamber. And they wonder why trust in institutions keeps plummeting.

Written by Staff Reports

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