Biden’s Team Sets Strict Rules for Debate Moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper

CNN showcased the audio setup for the upcoming presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, revealing the rules imposed by the Biden Campaign. The debate, moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper, will notably lack a live studio audience and enforce muting microphones to prevent interruptions, a stipulation pushed by Biden’s team.

During the demonstration, CNN’s Victor Blackwell illustrated how the microphone system will operate, with green lights indicating when each candidate can speak. The network emphasized that both campaigns have agreed to adhere to these regulations for the debate.

While Trump has agreed to multiple debates including one with Telemundo, the Biden campaign has declined the extra opportunities to face off against his opponent. This first debate sets the stage for a fiery exchange between the two candidates, with the media closely monitoring their every move.

Written by Staff Reports

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