Biden Campaign Falters as Latino Support Wavers Ahead of Election

As election day inches closer, President Biden’s reelection campaign looks more like a car stalled on the side of the road than a revved-up engine roaring toward victory. Even demographics the Democrats thought they had locked up in the past seem to be exploring other options, leaving liberals scratching their heads and reaching for the Maalox.

A recent Equis Poll, highlighted by Axios, shows Biden struggling to connect with Latino voters on his immigration policies. Out of 1,592 registered Latino voters in battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, 41 percent sided with Trump when it comes to immigration, while only 38 percent stuck with Biden. The remaining 16 percent must have been too busy building the wall themselves to choose either candidate.

Interestingly, the same poll suggested that non-Hispanic voters also find Trump more trustworthy on immigration issues. With 49 percent preferring Trump and only 34 percent leaning toward Biden, it seems like ‘Sleepy Joe’ might need to wake up and smell the coffee—or whatever it is that gets him through the day.

This isn’t the first time Biden has faced trouble appealing to voters; after all, his campaign motto nearly became “Promises Made, Promises Forgot.” While immigration tops the list of issues for many Latinos, inflation and the economy are creeping up behind like unwelcome in-laws at Thanksgiving. Numerous Axios-Ipsos Latino Polls reveal that Biden’s economic policies are not making him any friends, either. 


In the past, Democrats have basked in what seemed like unshakeable support from Latino voters. Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton walked away with 65 percent of the Latino vote, and Obama did even better in 2012. Yet here we are in 2024, where Biden’s campaign is looking more like a shaken-up soda can that’s about to explode.

Pew Research has reported a less gloomy scenario for Biden with 52 percent of Hispanic voters still casting their lot with him, but that’s not exactly a number that sets off fireworks. Especially when it’s remembered how polls once underestimated Trump’s prospects back in 2016. So, for anyone betting the farm on these numbers, take a history lesson. Polls can be as predictable as a cat on a hot tin roof.

As Biden confronts a floundering economy and a boundary-busting border crisis, 2024 could resemble past electoral disasters for incumbent presidents. Take a page from the Panic of 1837, when Martin Van Buren found himself on the receiving end of voter wrath, or Herbert Hoover’s epic tumble during the Great Depression.

Today’s Americans might not be standing in breadlines, but they are waiting in endless lines at gas stations and supermarkets, groaning over inflation and empty wallets. Biden shouldn’t just be worried about Latino voters crossing the Rio Grande; he needs to be worried about them crossing over to the polls and voting with their wallets.

Written by Staff Reports

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