Trump Calls Mother of Murder Victim, Condemns Biden’s Border Policies

One has to wonder if the mainstream media will give this story the attention it deserves. The mother of murder victim Rachel Morin expressed heartfelt gratitude after receiving a personal phone call from none other than former President Donald Trump, who reached out to offer his condolences following the arrest of an illegal immigrant suspected to be the killer.

Patty Morin, the grieving mother, revealed that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee contacted her to express genuine concern and sympathy over her late daughter’s tragic death. Her daughter, Rachel Morin, a mother of five, was murdered while jogging on the Ma & Pa trail in Harford County, Maryland, in August of last year.

In an emotionally charged statement released through her attorney, Patty Morin highlighted Trump’s sincere efforts to understand how the family was coping with their loss. It wasn’t just a courtesy call; Trump took time to engage, ask about Rachel, and offer words that brought a semblance of comfort during this harrowing time. Such heartfelt actions sharply contrast with the often cold and distant gestures of career politicians.

The timing of Trump’s empathetic outreach is pivotal. Just days earlier, Patty Morin voiced on Fox News her strong belief that this heinous crime could have been averted had Trump’s robust immigration policies remained intact. She lamented the idea of random, violent intrusions by illegal immigrants—a problem amplified under the Biden administration’s lax border policies. There’s an unsettling reality here: nearly 10 million immigrant encounters have been reported since Biden decided to undo the stringent measures his predecessor had put in place. 


The arrest of the prime suspect, finally nabbed in Tulsa, Oklahoma after a 10-month search involving the FBI, local, and state law enforcement, has spotlighted the dangers of Biden’s border crisis. Republicans have been vocal about the weakened border security, and Patty Morin’s tragic experience painfully underscores their concerns. It’s a glaring indictment of the current administration’s failure to protect American families, a hard truth Patty succinctly articulated—a truth even she admitted was difficult to make political.

Even the family’s attorney, Randolph Rice, couldn’t help but acknowledge Trump’s compassionate gesture. He reiterated the significance of Trump’s call, noting that it demonstrated a profound level of care for Americans, a trait seemingly absent in Washington’s current leadership. Acts such as these remind us of the deep divide between those who prioritize American lives and those who seem indifferent. 


What will it take for people to wake up to the vital importance of securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws? Rachel Morin’s fate is a tragic reminder that policies matter, leadership matters, and the safety of American citizens should never be compromised for political gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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