Senator Kennedy Grills Biden Nominee Over Lenient Sentence for Child Molester

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana grilled Biden judicial nominee Judge Julia Lipez over her lenient sentencing of a convicted child molester, Michael Smith, during a recent hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Lipez had slashed Smith’s 12-year prison term in half for molesting two young girls, one just four years old and the other nine.

Kennedy didn’t hold back, questioning Lipez’s judgment and asking if she had more sympathy for criminals than for their innocent victims. He pointedly highlighted the gravity of Smith’s heinous acts and the long-lasting trauma endured by the young girls. Despite the victims’ heartbreaking accounts of suffering from PTSD and night terrors, Lipez brushed off Kennedy’s accusations and defended her decision as following the state’s recommendation.

The exchange between Kennedy and Lipez showcased a stark contrast in priorities – with Kennedy championing justice for victims and accountability for perpetrators, while Lipez seemed more concerned with finding redeeming qualities in a child molester. The senator didn’t mince words, insisting that sexual abuse is sexual abuse, regardless of attempts to soften the language. 


The confrontation underscored a fundamental ideological clash between those who prioritize the rights of criminals and those who advocate for the rights of victims. Kennedy’s no-nonsense approach resonated with many Americans who value the safety and well-being of vulnerable members of society over misplaced sympathy for those who commit heinous crimes.

The incident also shed light on the importance of judicial appointments and the need for nominees who uphold the principles of justice and accountability. As the debate over the role of the judiciary in shaping the future of our legal system continues, exchanges like the one between Kennedy and Lipez serve as a stark reminder of the critical importance of maintaining a judiciary that prioritizes the rights of victims and upholds the values of justice and integrity.

Written by Staff Reports

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