Biden Campaign Official Accuses Media of Election Interference Over Debate Criticism

In a recent MSNBC interview, a senior re-election campaign official for President Joe Biden, Keisha Lance Bottoms, accused editorial boards of engaging in election interference by criticizing Biden’s debate performance. Bottoms specifically called out the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for suggesting Biden should step down as a candidate, claiming it was an attempt to influence the election. This comes amid growing concerns in the Biden campaign that the media is no longer providing favorable coverage for the President, especially after the widely criticized debate.

Bottoms’ comments reflect a troubling trend of trying to shield Biden from any criticism, even from traditionally supportive outlets. Her assertion that editorial boards must refrain from criticizing Biden under the guise of protecting fair elections is not only unfounded but also a dangerous attack on freedom of the press. The media has a duty to hold politicians, including the President, accountable, and any attempts to stifle this vital role should be met with scrutiny. 


The Biden campaign’s desperation to deflect from Biden’s poor debate performance is evident in Bottoms’ remarks. As more members of the media raise concerns about Biden’s abilities, it is clear that the once gentle treatment of the President is waning. Journalists like Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper, who have questioned Biden’s performance, are now being accused of election interference by Bottoms, revealing a disturbing attitude towards media accountability.

It is essential to remember that editorial boards have the right to offer opinions, even those that may be unpopular with politicians. The attempt to silence or intimidate the media under the guise of protecting election integrity sets a dangerous precedent. Criticism and accountability are essential components of a functioning democracy, and any efforts to suppress them must be met with resistance. The media plays a crucial role in upholding transparency and truth, and painting them as the enemy only serves to undermine these fundamental principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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