Biden Attacks Supreme Court to Boost Campaign Funds as Democrats Panic

Joe Biden has decided to make the Supreme Court his new punching bag, and he’s not even being subtle about it. After launching an unprecedented attack from the cozy confines of the White House, he’s now out there trying to line his campaign coffers with cash by painting the high court as the ultimate villain. According to Biden’s latest fundraising email, the recent Supreme Court decision basically turns the president into an unchecked monarch, able to trample over laws like Godzilla in downtown Tokyo. And, as usual, he’s thrown in a little Trump scare to really get those wallets open.

Biden, apparently in full panic mode, echoed Justice Sotomayor’s dissent, claiming fear for democracy. He basically asked Americans to dish out $25 to save the nation from presidents who dare to uphold their oath to the Constitution. Ironically, Biden pledges that he’ll respect the limits of presidential power while fearmongering about a doomsday scenario where presidents, including Trump, are free to ignore the law.

But here’s the kicker—the Supreme Court ruling didn’t put presidents above the law, despite Biden’s dramatic proclamations. The decision explicitly states that presidents are not above the law and outlines that there is no immunity for unofficial acts. Chief Justice John Roberts penned a detailed opinion making it clear: presidents can only enjoy immunity for their official acts, and even then, it’s not a blanket free pass.

While Biden hyperventilates, his pals in the Democratic party and the left-wing media are going into full meltdown mode. Some are even throwing out wild ideas like assassinations and impeachment of Supreme Court Justices. It’s like a bizarre theater performance where every act becomes more absurd than the last. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had an epic meltdown over the ruling, proving once again she never misses a chance to stoke the outrage fire.

In reality, the Supreme Court essentially reinforced the enduring principles of our constitutional structure. The Framers designed a system with a powerful, yet constrained, executive branch. This structure requires checks and balances, and this ruling is a reminder of that balance. Yet, for Biden and his supporters, it seems like the sky is always falling.

Written by Staff Reports

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