Democrats in Crisis as Biden and Harris Fail to Deliver Solutions

Democrats are in disarray as they face the harsh reality of Joe Biden’s disastrous performance at the presidential debate, leaving them desperate for a solution. Unfortunately for them, the solution certainly does not lie with Kamala Harris, the heir apparent who is proving time and time again that she’s not up to the task.

Harris’s recent appearance in a video for the BET awards only highlighted her incompetence as a politician, particularly when she clumsily attempts to pander to a specific demographic. Her lack of authenticity is glaring, especially when she awkwardly tries to embrace a culture that she clearly has no genuine connection to.

It’s no surprise that Harris is floundering, given her tendency to rely heavily on focus groups and scripted lines that only serve to distance her further from voters. Her consistent poor performance in polls is a strong indication that she’s not the answer to the Democrats’ Biden problem.

The idea of bypassing Harris at an open convention is fraught with its own set of challenges, particularly the optics of pushing aside the first black vice president for other candidates. However, propping up Harris as the only alternative is equally unappealing, given her track record of failure and lack of genuine appeal to voters.

As Democrats grapple with their limited options, it’s clear that they have painted themselves into a corner with no easy way out. Whether they stick with a floundering Biden or turn to an equally unimpressive Harris, their fate seems sealed. And it’s a fate that they brought upon themselves through their own missteps and miscalculations.

Written by Staff Reports

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