Biden Campaign Silencing Reporters Criticizing the President

In the bubble-wrapped world of the Biden campaign, it seems that even a whisper of criticism is enough to send his staffers into a tailspin. According to reports from The Daily Caller, reporters covering Biden’s campaign events found themselves facing the censorship police whenever a voter dared to speak out against the dear leader.

One brave New York Times reporter, Simon Levien, detailed his experience at a Las Vegas rally where a Biden campaign lackey shadowed him, ready to pounce and shut down any interview that took a negative turn towards President Biden. This heavy-handed approach to controlling the narrative is nothing new from the Biden regime, which has a track record of carefully curating press access and shielding their doddering leader from any tough questions.

It’s quite telling that even a mainstream media outlet like The New York Times is starting to squawk about the interference with their hallowed journalistic freedom. Could it be that the tide is turning against the Brandon facade and its puppeteers as they stubbornly cling to power, avoiding press conferences like they’re the plague? The sudden willingness of a Times reporter to speak out suggests that the establishment may be sharpening their knives now that their precious illusion of a functioning president is under threat.

Let’s not forget, dear readers, that while the legacy media is finally waking up to the reality of the Biden charade, outlets like PJ Media have been unmasking the truth from the get-go. We won’t shy away from discussing Biden’s mental acrobatics or any other crucial issues, even if it means facing the wrath of the censors who seek to muzzle dissenting voices.

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Written by Staff Reports

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