Rudy Giuliani Disbarred in NY for Challenging 2020 Election Integrity

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and stalwart Trump advisor, has been disbarred in New York. The stated reason for this drastic measure? Supposedly “misusing” his position to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election. For anyone keeping score, this means he’s being penalized for questioning an election that was, to say the least, riddled with inconsistencies.

Giuliani has been under the microscope for daring to voice what millions of Americans believe—that the 2020 election was far from free and fair. The investigation zeroed in on Giuliani’s claims of election fraud, particularly in swing states which magically flipped blue overnight. Apparently, defending the integrity of the democratic process isn’t tolerated if it contradicts the preferred narrative.

The court was quite theatrical in its disbarment statement, asserting that Giuliani “flagrantly misused” his position to serve as Trump’s personal attorney. Accusations flew that he intentionally made false statements concerning the election’s integrity, a claim as shaky as the supposed election results themselves. Even the accusation that Giuliani lied about deceased boxer Joe Frazier voting in Philadelphia is clung to as smoking gun evidence, despite myriad other irregularities that were shockingly brushed under the proverbial rug.

What really takes the cake is the court’s sermon about how Giuliani’s actions supposedly undermined this country’s electoral process. It’s rich to see such a scathing rebuke come from a system that dismissed countless concerns and affidavits pointing to anomalies and potential fraud in the election. Giuliani’s real crime, it seems, was being too disruptive, too disrespectful, and too adamant about seeking answers.

Giuliani’s disbarment means he can no longer practice law in New York, an attempt to hobble any future legal maneuvers on behalf of Trump. Yet, one can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just another act in the political theater designed to silence dissent and maintain the status quo.

Now, Giuliani faces criminal charges in Arizona over an alleged fake electors scheme. It’s becoming painfully clear that the legal onslaught against anyone questioning 2020’s sanctified results is far from over. The message is as clear as it is chilling: challenging the narrative comes at a steep price.

Written by Staff Reports

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