Biden Campaign Scrambles After Debate, Braces for Unfavorable Poll Results

Joe Biden’s campaign is in full damage control mode, scrambling to mitigate the fallout from last week’s debate disaster. Reports from the Biden camp indicate that a memo has been sent around to staff members in an effort to preempt the damaging results of an upcoming poll. The poll in question is expected to be released by the New York Times and Siena College, and word on the street is that it won’t be pretty for Team Biden.

Apparently, the memo clings to the notion that Biden’s debate performance only left a minor dent in his polling numbers. Yet, it goes on to nervously anticipate a more significant swing in the upcoming New York Times poll. The memo even tries to manage expectations by reminding everyone that the New York Times often finds itself as a polling outlier. Talk about trying to hedge your bets.

Following his debacle in Atlanta, Biden is not just battling poor poll numbers, but also a growing chorus within his own party calling for him to step aside. Calls for a change in the Democratic frontrunner are getting harder to ignore, especially with fresh internal polling suggesting a substantial dip in Biden’s post-debate numbers. No amount of spin from campaign headquarters seems to be covering up the fact that his faltering leadership is starting to make even his staunchest allies nervous. 


And the hits just keep coming. As leaked internal Democratic polling surfaces, it’s becoming clear that Biden’s debate performance was more than just a bad night—it was a waking nightmare for his campaign. Biden’s staffers are buckling up for what they believe will be another round of unfavorable coverage, hoping to soften what looks like an inevitable blow.

Developing stories like these aren’t just signals of a campaign in trouble—they’re the sound of the Democratic establishment slowly realizing they’ve hitched their wagon to a horse that might not make it to the finish line. Keep your popcorn ready; it’s going to be a dramatic ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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