Biden Makes Another Blunder on Court Decisions in Deleted Social Media Post

In a recent social media gaffe, Joe Biden showcased his confusion once again, this time mixing up court decisions in a deleted post. The post attacking the Supreme Court for a ruling on Liquified Natural Gas exports actually referenced a federal district court decision in Louisiana. The mishap, occurring well before Biden’s supposed “sundowning time,” raises questions about his ability to stay coherent and informed.

This blunder adds to a string of recent missteps for the Biden administration. Just days before, Biden faced criticism for his remarks on a Supreme Court decision involving former President Donald Trump’s immunity. Biden’s mischaracterization of the ruling and his attack on the Court further highlight his disrespect for established norms and the rule of law. 


It’s not just about Biden’s confusion over court decisions; his tendency to twist facts to fit his narrative is becoming alarmingly frequent. From falsely portraying the Court’s actions to encouraging dissent against its decisions, Biden’s behavior raises concerns about his commitment to upholding the law he’s sworn to protect. And with his track record of blunders only growing, it’s clear that the confusion in Biden’s administration extends far beyond mere social media slip-ups.

Written by Staff Reports

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