Biden caves to GOP demands: Willing to negotiate spending cuts to raise debt ceiling!

President Joe Biden displayed a newfound willingness to work with Republicans in Congress during a recent press conference held in New York. When questioned about the ongoing budget negotiations, the President revealed his willingness to negotiate spending cuts with lawmakers instead of demanding a “clean” debt ceiling increase.

Furthermore, he expressed optimism about the prospects of reaching a deal and stated his intention to look into specific spending cuts that both Democrats and Republicans could agree on. The President also hinted at the possible scrapping of his G7 trip to Japan next week to focus on getting funding agreements concluded.

The White House, for their part, has stated that they intend to avoid debt default, and Republicans have already passed a bill lifting the limit by $1.5 trillion while reducing federal spending to 2022 levels and reclaiming unused pandemic relief funding.

The President had recently refused to consider the GOP’s proposed method of raising the debt ceiling, which attached spending cuts to the deal. However, it seems like it is now a possibility following the negotiations held with Republican Congress members.

Until yesterday, the White House had only pushed for a debt-limit increase without attaching spending cuts, hoping that the Republicans would take on the political pressures. The shift in President Biden’s stance shows that the White House is willing to make compromises for the sake of the country’s financial stability.

As the country remains close to a possible shutdown of the government over budget disagreements, conservatives may take solace in knowing that the President appears willing to work towards a bipartisan debt ceiling increase deal, even if it involves spending cuts.

Written by Staff Reports

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