Biden’s Negligence Sets Southern Border on Fire

President Biden’s neglect is expected to cause a surge in chaos at the United States-Mexico border as the pandemic-era public health order, Title 42, comes to an end on May 11. This order authorized Border Patrol agents to quickly expel illegal immigrants to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The expiration of Title 42 is likely to worsen the crisis at the southern border, which the President has failed to manage effectively.

As the temporary restrictions under Title 42 expire, the U.S. will revert to processing and removing illegal immigrants under Title 8 regulations. This change is predicted to trigger an unprecedented influx of migration to America, leading to overwhelmed border stations and nearby communities flooded by a wave of illegal immigrants. Customs and Border Protection officials estimate that more than 10,000 unauthorized immigrants will cross the border each day after Title 42 ends. The federal government approximates that over 150,000 illegal immigrants are currently waiting in shelters and on the streets of northern Mexican states bordering the U.S. for the end of Title 42.

Despite the impending crisis, the Biden administration appears unprepared to address the situation. Although Texas Governor Abbott announced the deployment of hundreds of specially trained Texas National Guard soldiers, the federal government’s response was to dispatch an additional 1,500 active-duty troops to the border. However, these troops have not been tasked with any law enforcement duties, such as detaining or processing illegal immigrants, making their presence essentially meaningless.

The measures proposed in the Biden administration’s post-Title 42 plan are inadequate and mostly old actions with some minor improvements. According to some experts, the crisis management plan is unlikely to prevent or deter the surge of illegal immigration and will merely “accommodate” it.

In contrast, the states appear to be more equipped to handle the impending crisis. Texas, for instance, has announced the deployment of the Texas Tactical Border Force, which will send hundreds of specially trained Texas National Guard soldiers to the targeted hotspots along the border. Arizona has also implemented a five-point “preparedness” approach to assist Border Patrol officers.

However, New Mexico has yet to take any action. The state’s National Guard has not been assigned any missions at the border. Therefore, unless President Biden and his administration act quickly to address the issue, the challenging situation could rapidly turn into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis on American soil. The Biden administration is solely responsible for this disaster, and it’s time to demand better leadership from the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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