Biden Corruption Unmasked: Weiss Blocked from Charging Hunter—Twice!

The House Ways and Means Committee has released transcripts of whistleblower evidence about the investigation into Hunter Biden. This is yet another shocking example of corruption in the Biden family. The evidence showed that US Attorney David Weiss was stopped from charging Hunter with a felony at least twice in 2022, even though Attorney General Merrick Garland had said Weiss had full power to charge and would not be stopped.

Garland and Hunter Biden didn't seem too worried about these bombshell revelations, though, because they both went to a state dinner on Thursday night without batting an eye. And when Garland held a press meeting on Friday, reporters asked him about the whistleblower's claims, but he didn't give a very good answer.

Garland said that Weiss had full power to make all decisions on his own, but it's not clear whether Weiss was ever told no. The tipster said that Hunter Biden's lawyer and the "Main DOJ" put up roadblocks and tried to scare him. In fact, in a July 2022 prosecution team call, AUSA Wolf told us that US Attorney Weiss said he wanted to charge the 2014 and 2015 years by the end of September because they didn't want to get any closer to a midterm election and Hunter Biden's lawyer told them that charging Hunter Biden would be "career suicide."

But despite all the evidence, Garland seems to be turning a blind eye and protecting the "integrity" of the Justice Department. He said that his institution was important to American democracy and to the safety of the American people, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Congress needs to take action to find out what's going on. They should call all of the people named in the whistleblower documents to testify publicly, under oath, before Congress. They should also select a special counsel to look into at least obstruction of justice charges against a few of them.

Also, it's important to know that, as far as we know, the judge has not yet approved Hunter Biden's plea deal. Given what we know now, there's no way it should be passed.

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